altIf you take your small breed dog with you almost everywhere, chances are you've found yourself in many situations where this smartly designed dog carrier could have given your poor arms a much needed rest.

Who says human babies should be the only ones to have exclusive rights to being carried in a comforting sling? If you're one of those dog owners who likes to take your small breed dog with you almost everywhere, then this Poochy Pouch sling style dog carrier will be just perfect for both you and your pet.


altIt's clever design mimics the style of a kangaroo pouch and will free up your hands to do other tasks while you're out and about with your pet. Or if it just happens to be a rainy day or your find yourself in an overcrowded situation that might be dangerous to walk your dog, this sling will keep your pup close and safe.



It's available in two different sizes, Small (up to 8 lbs) and Medium (8-16 lbs) and is available in either Black, White or Charcoal. 



And even cooler, it folds up into a portable, waist pouch for when you're not carrying your pet.