Puffer Jackets & Vests for Mom

Remember years ago how the first generation of Puffer Jackets left you looking like a bloated Michelin Man? Thankfully, those days are gone.

Although I loved the first quilted down insulated jackets that emerged years ago from camping supply companies like the North Face and Patagonia, I can’t say I felt all that stylish when I wore them.

So I was excited when I saw this season’s fantastic new generation of puffer jackets and vests emerge even more evolved. And if you’re an active mom who’s constantly on the go, any one of these choices would be a great addition to add to your Fall and Winter wardrobe.


altThis Excursion Vest is a great way to ease into the cooler weather and it’s also great for layering too.

Image: jcrew.com



altThe trim styling of this Puffer Jacket is designed with a removable elasticized waist belt, front zipper and pockets for your hands or keys. It’s available in a couple of other colors too and you won’t believe how well priced it is either.

Image: hm.com



altThis long puffer coat will keep you cozy in the coldest of conditions and it features a oversized faux fur lined hood that you can pull up over your head when the icy winds begin to blow. It’s a great find and well priced for a full length coat, plus the hood can be removed, which makes it fully machine washable, so you won’t have to incur unnecessary dry cleaning bills.

Image: victoriassecret.com




The Chevron quilting on this down filled mid length parka adds some nice detailing and gives it enough styling so that it can easily transition from daytime to evening wear. Plus it also features a water repellent fabric finish that will help wick moisture away and keep you dry if you happen to get caught in a rain or snowstorm.

Image: landsend.com



What’s different about this sleeveless vest is that it’s a blend of wool, polyester and rayon so it will keep you warm and cozy in almost any weather conditions. It’s tailored design has a flattering slimming effect, in addition to providing a hidden interior drawstring to help customize it’s fit to your body type.

Image: gap.com