Miranda Kerr Shares Her Stay Slim Secret

Getting on the runway for Wednesday night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show wasn’t intimidating for celebrity mom Miranda Kerr. The model mama is always runway ready, thanks to her healthy way of living.

The thought of swimsuit season is enough to send many moms into a tailspin, but Miranda’s job is to model bikinis (and then some!) for Victoria’s Secret. She explains what her eating plan involves to keep her body looking good – and not just on the outside! “I’m pretty good about diet and my eating plan. I’m a certified health coach and nutrition expert and I know what works for me. What I like to do is a green smoothie; broccoli, and all types of veggies in it in the morning. Also eggs and avocado. I have an apple, some almonds, some goji berries for snacks during the day. For lunch I’ll do grilled chicken with a spinach salad, with fresh lemon and macadamia nut oil. I also carry a protein shake in my bag, with organic rice protein powder, combined with macca powder [and] goji berries.”

Aside from modeling, mothering, and coaching others in healthy living, Miranda also runs the Kora Organics skincare line.



Photos by WENN