Mom Squad Product Review: Christine’s Easy Off Experience

Truth is…I’ve never cleaned my oven. Now, before you start thinking that I must live in a pig sty, let me tell you I’m not the cook of the family either. My husband is and he’s fantastic at it. However, we do split the housecleaning and for some reason, cleaning the oven has always been an overlooked task.

Now that the holidays are around the corner and varied relatives will be descending on my home, the time has come to tackle the cheese-burned oven. After all, when the family arrives on Thanksgiving Day it’s probably best they aren’t greeted with the smell of last year’s burnt bread crumbs that are stuck in the bottom of my very dirty oven.

Before Picture -- Easy Off Product Review

I decided to try Easy-Off Oven Cleaner because it’s non-corrosive, fume-free, and the packaging promises to deliver a sparkling clean oven with just a few sprays and very little elbow grease. Little scrubbing and no toxic fumes? (Who has the time to pack up the baby and vacate the house for two days?) This oven cleaner seemed right up my alley!

Easy-Off Fume Free Oven Cleaner offers three options for cleaning the oven:

1)      a two-hour cleaning method in which I could leave the oven off, spray the cleaner, allow the foam to penetrate the soiled spots for two hours then wipe clean with a sponge or paper towel;

2)      an overnight cleaning in which I could spray the cleaner, allow the foam to remain on overnight and then wipe clean in the morning (oven remains off as well);

3)      or a spot cleaning method in which I would spray, leave on for a minute, and wipe clean.

I’m all for the easy route so I choose method number 2, the overnight cleaning. I simply cracked open the oven, found the spots boasting last year’s food remains, sprayed a few inches away, shut the oven door and went to bed.

Easy Off Prodcuct Review -- Spraying the Oven

All night long I kept thinking that the cleaning fairies were visiting my house and they were in that oven scrubbing and scrubbing while I slept. I started to feel guilty (not really).

In the morning when I went to wipe, it was a true miracle. No fuss, no mess and no hard scrubbing. At first I used paper towels to wipe everything away and it looked good but I really wanted it to sparkle so next I used a sponge to scrub a little excess grease off and it made a huge difference.

AAfter Using Easy Off Oven Cleaner

In fact, I can’t wait to do this again after cooking Thanksgiving dinner because I know that giant turkey is going to spill juice in my now clean oven. Time to call back those oven fairies…

If you’re like me and you’re always taking the cleaning shortcut, add Easy-Off Oven Cleaner to your shopping list and you’ll never have to avoid having it on your to-do list again.