Unique Menorahs for your Home

Hanukkah is just around the corner, and any one of these Menorahs would serve well to honor your family’s traditions and create memories to last for years.

The name Hanukkah is derived from the Hebrew verb meaning “to dedicate” and it is also often referred to as the Festival of Lights. The story of Hanukkah tells of the miracle of a one day supply of oil that lasts miraculously for 8 days. The tradition of the lighting of the Menorah is behind the history that is first described in the Talmud and dates back for centuries.

So whether you have already begun this tradition in your family, or if you are just beginning to celebrate and form your family’s Hanukkah traditions, any one of these Menorahs will be just perfect for your home and they can be passed down through the generations too.



The rich gem, stone and crystal details on this Nikki Menorah gives it a classic look that is timeless and yet it beckons back to old world charm too. It’s the kind of piece that your family will look forward to bringing out every year and it’s compact size allows it to easily fit on a table top or it can also be displayed on a window ledge (not when it’s lit).

Image: frontgate.com



This hand forged Classic Curve Menorah by Craftsman Steven Bronstein combines the tradition look of ironwork with a more contemporary modern styling. He uses the century old techniques of shaping molten metal and forges it so that it will last a lifetime.

Image: modernartisans.com




In the classic minimalist styling of Jonathan Adler, this Skyline Menorah is made of a gorgeous polished nickel and is so well styled, that it can be enjoyed on it’s own as a sculptural piece year round.

Image: moderntribe.com