altHere’s a great Holiday Gift idea for Moms to honor your loved ones or the memory of anyone who has been a significant part of your life.

It seems that every year when the holidays roll around, it gets more and more difficult to find gifts that are unique, meaningful and affordable. So when I came across these charming penny necklaces, I thought they would make a perfect holiday gift for almost any Mom, Grandmother or Auntie.

Emily Field founded Heaven Cent in 2005 and created her product line of penny necklaces as a way of simultaneously honoring her Father and also raising money for various important organizations who work to help those who have suffered the loss of a loved one. 

An unexpected part of the magic that’s occurred since the original founding of this company, is that the significance of these penny necklaces has grown from not just honoring those who are in our memories, but also into also marking the significance of the birth of a child, a special anniversary or birthday. And what Grandmother wouldn’t be thrilled to receive one of these necklaces as a gift, with multiple pennies suspended on one necklace, signifying the birth years for each of her grandchildren’s representative birth years? And its great to also have the option of adding additional pennies to the necklace as each new grandchild is born too.



The necklaces are made of sterling silver and are available in a variety of of different chain styles with prices beginning at $50 and with $5 of each purchase being donated towards one of the affiliated designated charitable foundations.



So if you’re someone who believes in the magic of a lucky penny, maybe it’s time to treat yourself, a friend or a relative to one of these charmingly sentimental penny necklaces and to also be able to feel good about having part of your purchase go towards a charitable foundation too.