Holiday Gift Donations that Help Give Animals a Better LIfe

altHave the holidays already left you feeling burnt out and without any more ideas for what to give as holiday gifts?

If this sounds like you, take a look at any one of these worthy foundations that help animals live better lives and consider giving a gift donation in the name of that pet lover on your list.

Receiving a fancy holiday gift is, of course, always an enjoyable experience. But what if you could receive a gift that you knew meant the life of an animal was made better by it? Wouldn’t that feel so much better than receiving another sweater or pair of socks to put inside your already stuffed full dresser drawer?

Check out any one of these charitable Animal Welfare organizations to read more about the great work they do to help protect and improve the quality of the lives of animals throughout the world. With the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy this past November 2012, it made many of us aware that people are not necessarily always the only victims of natural disasters.


altIt’s organizations like RedRover that send out deployment teams to provide emergency sheltering for animals that become victims of natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy. To see more about how RedRover’s volunteers work to help reunite displaced animals with their lost owners, check out this video that will show you more about the great work of this organization.

So if what you see on their site or on their video inspires you, go here to make a direct donation yourself or to make a donation in the name of a pet lover as their special holiday gift from you.



altThe Kris Kelly Foundation is a Non Profit Animal Rescue group that has it’s focus on saving animals from abuse, slaughter and neglect. From the time Kris was in elementary school, she knew she wanted to do work that embraced animals, the elderly and children, so by forming this Foundation, she has done exactly that. As Kris herself says, “I rescue animals, but really they have rescued me.” Take a look here at her website to find out more about how you can help foster or adopt an animal, get involved in peaceful activism to educate and help eradicate inhumane treatment of animals or donate online to help fund any one of these causes that help improve the lives of animals.



altThe Animal Welfare Institute was first founded in 1951 and has worked hard since that time, to alleviate any potential suffering on animals by people. And that begins with taking a hard look first in the areas of experimentation, all the way to protecting endangered species, ending the torture inflicted on furbearing animals by steel jaw leghold traps and extends all the way to our oceans to help preserve the ban on commercial whaling. You can select donation amounts beginning at as little as $10 on up to any amount you wish and your donation can be a one-time or recurring donation. Whichever way you choose to donate, take comfort in knowing that you’ve made a difference by speaking up for the animals of the world.