Shiri Appleby (Chicago Fire, Dating Rules from My Future Self) and her fiance Jon Shook are expecting their first child together!

Shiri confirmed the exciting news this afternoon, sharing that she is due in Spring.  She says that they’ve decided to let the baby’s gender be a surprise. “He really wanted to do it and it sounded like fun. It’s really made the whole pregnancy a heightened excitement because you just don’t know what it’s going to be!”

Shiri says that she’s had an easy pregnancy so far.  “Thank God, knock on wood, I’ve had a really easy pregnancy. I’ve been working out a lot just because it feels good. And I’ve loved it, you get to eat as many breads and pastas as you want and don’t gain weight. It’s been great!”

Jon has been the perfect doting dad-to-be.   “When you see this guy going to all the doctor’s appointments with you and you tell him you’re feeling a certain way and two minutes later he’s looked it up on the Internet to tell you that it’s normal, you realize that you’re really starting a family with somebody,”


Photos by WENN