Actress Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley adopted a second daughter, Adalaide, back in April.  Last night she explained to Jay Leno how quickly the whole process went, much to their surprise. 

Katherine and Josh started out the process of adopting again, figuring it would take a few years to add to their family, which already included daughter Naleigh, 4.

“This was fascinating because we started the adoption process again and we thought we were gonna adopt internationally. It’s a pretty long process. It can take years.  And then we started exploring because we had heard that Korea had gotten very hard to adopt from, and China had a very, very long waiting list and I was like (taps wrist), any day now. And so we started exploring the idea of domestic adoption – just exploring – and then my lawyer called and said, ‘There’s a birth mother and she’s due in four weeks and she’s all yours if you want her.’”

Katherine says even though it was a shock, the timing was perfect.  “He [Josh] thought it was gonna be a few years, and that we were gonna end up with more of like a 9-month-old or 10-month-old, and he looked at me and said, ‘You’re telling me in a month we’re gonna have a newborn?’ And I said, ‘Yes. It’s perfect timing, don’t you think? Look we’re both here, we’re not working. This is great. We can spend time with her.’ And it has been beautifully serendipitous and graceful, because we’ve gotten to spend all this wonderful time with her.”



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