altI don’t know about you, but the hustle and bustle of the holidays has left my desk looking like a bomb went off on it. So with the New Year now upon us, it’s a great time to start thinking about how to get your organizational system recovered from the holidays and back up to speed.

These days it seems the main survival tool for busy moms is to establish a solid organizational system and try and stay on top of it. And what better way to start getting organized in 2013, than with this well priced colorful 3-Pack of Animal Notebooks to jump start your “to do list” to help you get beyond that pile your desk is buried under.


altStart yourself off with these 3 cool Animal Notebooks that have blank pages inside, so you can jot down your “to do” list  or just doodle away your thoughts and ideas in them. Their colorful covers were cleverly designed by Meg Hunt, who is a very talented printmaker, illustrator and all-around creative person and their graphics will appeal to almost anyone or make a great gift if you have a friend who you’d like to help inspire getting their thoughts organized.




altNow that you have your hit list of organizational notes neatly in place in your cool notebooks, next move bravely to attacking clutter on your desk. You can start by gathering up all those loose paperclips, pushpins and binder clips that are scattered on top of your desk and store them neatly in these 3 clever “test tube” style storage tubes that are reminiscent of the test tubes you used back in the old school science lab. Each tube is made of a shatter resistant glass and and all 3 tubes store neatly in one upright epoxy steel metal frame that will keep them always within reach when you need them.




altHere’s a fun new rendition of the boring old paperclip that most of us are familiar with. These Delfonics large marking clips can be used to clasp together larger stacks of project papers. These clips are generously sized at 2-1/2 long by 1-1/2 wide, so they can handle more papers than an ordinary paperclip can and they can also be used as cool design accents and presented as part of a project presentation too.