altDo you have a cat that’s a finicky eater or suffers eating problems from gulping down their food too quickly? If so, then check out these 3 cleverly designed cat feeding bowl options that might just end your cat’s feeding issues.

Do you have a cat, or cats, that eat too quickly and then end up vomiting their food right back up?


altIf this sounds familiar, then this clever Stimulo Cat Feeding Station might be the perfect cat feeder to slow your cat down while eating. Cats are curious and very intelligent creatures, so this cat feeder will challenge them and slow down their feeding habits at the same time. Plus, it also doubles as a fun activity station that will provide them with some mental stimulation and keep them entertained for hours too. 



altThis company has created some of my favorite pet products and this NomNom Cat Dish is another one that I’m adding to my “favorites” list. It comes with two stainless steel dish inserts that have two divided bowls for food, water or whatever feeding combination you choose, so you’ll always have one clean insert thats ready to fill.. Each insert fits snugly inside it’s brightly colored plastic base that has a wide lip design to help catch drips and crumbs. And it’s smartly designed with a raised dish that provides an ergonomically correct feeding level for your kitty.



altOkay, so maybe you’re even more finicky than your cat when it comes to worrying about keeping flies off their food and minimizing cat food odors from permeating the room. If that sounds like you, then this darling stainless steel Alessi Mio cat bowl is available with a lid that will help keep flies from landing on your cat’s food and will reduce odors at those times when your cat is not eating.  And it’s cute design is available in green, red or black, so you can choose your favorite color that will best compliment your room decor.