Tom Arnold and His Wife Ashley Groussman Are Expecting Their First Child

Tom Arnold is going to be a first time dad, he revealed today on The View

Tom and his wife Ashley Groussman will welcome a new bundle of joy this spring, he shared during his appearance on the morning show.  After three years of trying to have a baby together, Ashley is expecting a baby boy in March, said that proud dad-to-be! 

Tom, who has most recently been hosting the “My Big Redneck Vacation” and other “redneck” showsshared his exciting baby news, “I’m pregnant. I have put on, like 40 pounds. My wife is pregnant too. We’re having a baby. It’s seven months (the pregnancy) and it’s a boy and it’s my first baby.  We’re really happy, I just can’t believe it. I didn’t think it’ll be on the cards for me.  It is a miracle, so it is a complete shock.”

Tom and Ashley just celebrated their third wedding anniversary in November. 

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