Saving for Vacation

Parenting Blog - SavingThe kids and I have decided we want to travel more. Well, I decided I wanted to travel, the kids decided they didn’t want me to go alone, and we all decided a flight with the three of us might be fun. Or torture. Hard to say.

We’ve set our sights on visiting my friend and her family in Boston. We’ve set our time line for September when airfares are slightly less expensive and attractions are far less crowded. While I’ll be taking Joseph out of school for the week, his school has a fantastic program to keep him on track while allowing for this sort of traveling. Besides, where better to make American History come to life than the home of Paul Revere?

Now, there are two major hurdles in our way. First, we all get air/sea/car sick. Which means we all need to take Dramamine, but as Mom, I don’t really think it’ll work for all of us – meaning me – to be out of it for a five hour flight. And no, the non-drowsy isn’t really non-drowsy. I’m going to research a little to see if we can find alternative solutions to our motion sickness.

The second hurdle is monetary. As a single mom with minimum child support, it’s going to be difficult to save the money for three plane tickets and travel expenses. Difficult, but not impossible. We talked it out and realized we’d be able to save a lot of money if we didn’t go to Target anymore.

We all know what a dangerous place that is.

So we have our plan – save money and research ways to prevent motion sickness. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we can pull it off.

Do you have any tips to help us with our hurdles? Any tutorials to help us get cheaper fares? Or methods to save money?