Space Saving Cat Hideaway

altIf you live in an apartment or condo, or if you’re just tired of tripping over that cat bed in almost any room in your home, you’re going to love this product.

I’m always drawn to finding useful and cleverly designed items like this one, that take advantage of items you already own, and make dual use of the space they currently occupy in your home. I hope that last sentence makes sense to you!


altSo if you live in a space where every square inch of space is precious, you’ll want to check out this Cat Crib and your cat will love you for it too.


altAside from its obvious space saving qualities, it’s designed so that it fits under virtually any chair, which makes installing it super simple for you. All you need to do is wrap each of the four straps around the legs of your chair, tighten them down and get ready to watch your cat discover their new favorite resting place.

Your cat will not only feel safe in this Cat Crib, but they’ll also be out from underfoot and you’ll have full charge of your couch again, and without having to sit upon remnants of residual cat hair either!

Each Cat Crib is available in a variety of eye pleasing colors and if you have more than one cat, you better think about ordering more than one, so there’s no squabbling between your kitties over their new favorite hideaway.