altWhat better way to show you love your pet on Valentines Day, than to outfit them with L.E.D. accessories that will help keep them safe from harm.

I live in a condo, which makes walking my dog on a leash mandatory, since I don’t have the use of a backyard. And I have to admit that by the end of the day when it’s gotten cold and dark outside, my enthusiasm for taking that last walk of the day has definitely diminished.

So if you’re like me and need something to jump start your enthusiasm for walking your pet after dark, check out these cool L.E.D. pet accessories that are not only great looking, but they’ll also add an extra layer of safety for both you and your pet.


altWhat I like most about this thick ply nylon L.E.D. lighted dog leash is that it’s design is sleek and relatively simple. It’s available in at least 4 different colors with contrasting lights (red, blue, black and green) and it has 3 different light mode settings that you can adjust for added visibility up to 1000 feet away and it’s been buckle tested for 100+ pounds of pull. It comes with an automatic 30 day warranty and batteries are included.



altAnd if you want to add even more visibility to your walk, you can order this L.E.D. lighted dog collar that has 3 light settings that can be set to blink at a steady, fast or slow pace. 




Or you might chose to do something as simple as adding a clip-on safety light to your dog’s collar. This one is water resistant and attaches to their collar with a secure stainless steel spring clip. It’s available in red, white, green or blue LED and lights up in two modes –  either glow or flash and comes complete with long life replaceable batteries.