altIf you’re tired of paying $300 or more for a pair of stylish prescription eyeglasses, and you also love the idea of giving the gift of vision to those who can’t afford it, read on.

If you’ve always had to wear prescription eyeglasses to help correct your vision, you’re probably already well acquainted with how costly they can be. Or maybe you’re one of us whose last birthday tipped the scale and you’ve had finally had to admit you need reading glasses because your arms just aren’t long enough anymore.

And then there are some people who don’t really need prescription glasses at all, but they just enjoy wearing eyeglasses as a fun fashion accessory that can change up your look and that’s ok too.

I love the story behind the 4 founders of this company, because they built their company beginning with their passion for vintage-inspired designs, along with a desire to deliver top-quality eyewear for less money. And not only that, but they’ve also found a way to give away a free pair of glasses to people who are in need, but cannot afford them, for every pair of glasses they sell through their Buy A Pair, Give a Pair program.  And in my eyes, that makes this company even more awesome.

So whatever your needs or your relationship might be with eyeglasses, you’re going to love having the opportunity to try out a few of these fun and fashionable eyeglass frames free of charge by taking advantage of this company’s Home Try On Program 101.

And you’ll be pleased to know that many of these glasses sell for around $95 complete, which is a huge savings from what you might ordinarily expect to pay. So here’s just a glimpse at some of the fun and fashionable eyewear they have to offer.


altThe distinguished look of the keyhole bridge on these Blue Marblewood Preston’s is a great choice for medium sized faces and they’re also available in 3 other gorgeous finishes too.



altI’m hooked on the sharp angular look of these Sibley eyeglasses,  because they can make you look like a serious academic or a total entrepreneur. The frames are made from a polycarbonate impact resistant material with 100% UV Protection along with an anti-scratch coating included on the lenses.



altThe sophisticated and professional look of these Summer Green Nedwin’s make them hugely adaptable for either work or play. And they feature Teflon-coated durable three-barrel hinges.





And they don’t just stop at making eyeglasses either, so be sure to check out all of their cool sunglasses too. The soft tear-drop angles on these Liv Sunglasses, pay homage to the elegance of the late 1960’s and you can easily dress them up or down for daily wear or any special event you might be attending too.