altI hope you’ll have a sense of humor about my pet article this week. I couldn’t resist featuring these hilarious dog toys that made me laugh out loud when I saw them.

And these pet toys aren’t just for laughs either, since they’re fully functional pet toys that your dog will love to play with.


altI’ll start you off with this Humunga Tongue Dog Toy that has a bright red tongue on one end and a ball on the other, so when your dog picks up the ball end of the toy, the long red tongue sticks out and gives your dog a very silly looking face.  Or you can use it as a twisting toy that’s also great for tug of war or playing fetch.




altNext up is this Humunga Stache and Beard Dog toy that also has a ball on one end, so it’s a natural for your dog to want to pick up and hold in his mouth. And it’s sure to turn heads if you’re out for a walk or great to use as a prop for a funny photo of you and your dog.



altAnd to make your pooch even more kissable than ever, this Humunga Lips dog toy has a ball on one end to make it easy for your dog to hold in their mouth. It’s made of a durable, non-toxic rubber, plus it’s Cherry scented, so it’s sure to become a favorite toy.

And if you don’t have a dog, but you do have a dog lover in your life, any one of these would make a great gift that’a sure to bring about a laugh or at least a smile.