altDid you know that you can totally update the look of your cabinetry or furniture by doing something as simple as changing up it’s outdated hardware?

When the mood strikes to change up the look of your kitchen, bathroom or even something as simple as that boring dresser in your bedroom, consider replacing outdated hardware with something that’s more updated or playful.

My most recent hardware addiction is sourcing out gorgeous leather drawer pulls or knobs. What I love most about leather hardware, is that it’s unexpected and the contrast of the warm look of leather against wood or laminate can be a really attractive combination.

Take a look at a few of these leather pulls and knobs to get you started and to give you some ideas and get you started imaging where you might be able to use them in your own home to create a whole new look.


altI love the woven detailing on these Hampton’s Espresso Leather Knobs and how the leather is so well integrated over a delicate woven metal framework. This kind of knob replacement is the very simplest conversion, because installing it only involves one mounting hole, so all you have to measure is to make sure the size of the screw mounts will fit through the existing drilled holes.




altThese Saddle Leather cabinet pulls are available with Chrome or Aged Bronze mounting accents and are 4-1/2″ in length,  .06″ in width with a 3″ projection. What’s great about these is that they have a sleek modern look that will update more traditional cabinetry or they would look great on that dresser drawer set in your bedroom too.




altYou can’t get much more classic than to use a cup handle design and these Bow Leather Cup Handle Pulls with their metal accents would look awesome on almost anything from desk drawers to entertainment center cabinet door fronts. They’re approximately 6″ wide in overall length and are available in a wide variety of different leather colors and metal accent finishes ranging all the way from brass to chrome.


So if you decide you want to tackle knob conversion as a DIY project, then take a look here to give you more of an idea about how to begin planning and replacing your own drawer pulls or knobs.