altNo matter how you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, there’s often some food involved in celebrating. So here’s some Irish food inspiration, that will not only help bring friends & family to the table, but will also help connect everyone with the spirit of this traditional Irish holiday.

This year St. Patrick’s Day is on the same day as the Annual L.A. Marathon, so here in Los Angeles, we have dual reasons to celebrate the day so that gives us lots of opportunities to gather friends together.
When you ask people about the food they associate most with St. Patrick’s Day, you’re bound to hear Soda Bread named in their top five favorites.
The historical roots of this bread got started long ago when supplies of food were minimal, food storage was often difficult and live leavening agents (like yeast) were essentially non-existent. Soda bread is super easy to make and it works great for breakfast, as a side dish with a main meal or as a snack midday.

If you plan to begin your St. Patty’s Day celebration at breakfast, these Green Eggs & Cheese are sure to be a winner. They’re not only visually appealing, due to their bright green color, but they’re also packed with vitamins too, because their green color is naturally derived from one cup of fresh Spinach.


altBut if your celebration meal is centered more around lunch or dinner, you might want to choose making this more traditional Corned Beef Hash.

altOr you can opt to try this more creative version of Corned Beef Hash Frittata.


And what better way to finish off your meal than with a taste of something sweet? These St. Patrick’s Day Green Chocolate Chip Cookies are just perfect for dessert or just to have on hand to nibble on as a snack too. Enjoy and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you and your family and friends.