5 Rules for a Fab Mom’s Night Out

Moms Night OutEven the most loving, attached and committed parent can use a break here and there. Moms spend so much time meeting the needs of others, we often forget to meet our own needs. When you take time to care for yourself, you’re better able to care for your children and spouse. But taking time for yourself helps you reclain your identity. Follow these rules to make the most of your time to have great evening out!

While it may be impractical to have a Mom’s Night Out every week, doing it once a month (or even once every three months!) can make a difference in helping you remember your identity outside of being mom.

When planning your mom’s night out, follow these 5 rules.

Go somewhere you can’t normally go.

Is there an upscale wine bar you’ve wanted to try? A new Asian fusion restaurant you’ve been dying to get to? A new store you’ve wanted to visit? When you’re off duty for the night, take the opportunity to go somewhere that’s not kid-friendly.

Do something you can’t typically do.

Wanting to visit with your artistic self? Head to the local paint your own pottery studio. Miss singing on stage? Head out for karaoke. Do something that you can’t do when you’re on mom duty.

Wear something you can’t regularly wear.

Have a dress you’ve been longing to wear? Dying to sport something other than black yoga pants and a tee? Longing to wear your down? Now is your chance to get dolled up and get on the glitz.

Hang with friends you rarely see.

Even when you have children the same age, different schedules can make getting together impossible. And even when you do manage to find time to get together, your focus is really on the kids. The best part of mom’s night out is hanging with friends and spending time together.

Chat about things you can’t generally talk about.

After your first few moments are spent oohing and ahhing over one another’s offspring, move the conversation on to other topics. Talk about things you can’t when little ears are listening.

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