Capri Sun Super V Prduct ReviewI have the pickiest kids on the planet. They literally eat five things in rotation: mac and cheese, plain pasta, chicken nuggets (if they’re shaped like Mickey Mouse—no joke!), hot dogs, and pizza. That’s it. Really.

Typically, dinner time is a nightmare because no one wants to eat the same thing on the same night and trying to get my rugrats to have some fruit or veggies is close to impossible. I threaten to take away dessert, TV privileges, and toys, but they don’t budge, and I usually lose the veggie battle after throwing in the towel.

You’re probably thinking, “There are creative ways to get kids to eat produce. Why doesn’t she just sneak the fruits and veggies into the kids’ favorite foods?”  Yep, I’ve tried that. I’ve tried everything. Know what I’ve learned? Kids can totally taste pureed cauliflower in their mac and cheese.

So, when I was approached to have my kids try the new Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink, I was skeptical. With one combined serving of fruits and veggies*, I figured there was no way my little ones would go for it, but part of me still hoped and wondered, “Could this be it? Could this be the trick I’ve been waiting for?” It totally is.

Just look at that happy face sucking down delicious juice drink, happily ignorant of the fact that she’s actually consuming nutrients (gasp!). My kids have no idea that something they like and enjoy drinking is actually good for them. I feel so much better knowing they’re getting actual nutrition into their little growing bodies.

The best part is that I can throw these easy ready-to-drink pouches in my bag to hand out to the kids whenever they have a snack break, which gives me the confidence of knowing that they’re drinking something healthy with their snack foods.

I knew this was a big win for me when my daughter skipped the usual sports drink that is handed out after soccer practice and opted for Capri Sun Super V instead. She even requested that I bring the Capri Sun Super V in her favorite Fruit Punch flavor for her team when it’s my turn to provide the after-game snack.

Although I won’t give up trying to get my little ones to actually like broccoli, in the meantime my best advice to other moms is: save yourself a headache and get some Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink.

*Each pouch provides ½ cup of fruit and vegetable juice. According to US dietary guidelines, Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink contains one combined serving of fruits and vegetables—3/4 from fruit juice and ¼ from vegetable juice. Be sure to feed your kids a variety of whole fruits and vegetables each day.

**This product review has been sponsored by Kraft Capri Sun