altA couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about a few ways to help identify and prevent heatstroke in pets, so when I came across these cool new products, they seemed like the perfect things to add to your arsenal of Summer Pet Accessories.

Summer is my favorite season, and it’s a great time of year for pets too, because it means they often get to spend more time outdoors being active.

Staying hydrated is essential for both humans and animals, so when the temperature starts to rise during the Summer months, being prepared for combating dehydration is the number one way to stay on top of it. How many times have you gotten out on a walk with your dog that turned out to be longer than you expected and suddenly you realized your dog was super thirsty and you were without water?

Whenever I set out on a walk with my dog, Clay, it's always perplexing to figure out how to carry along all the accompanying paraphernailia that we night need along the way.  So when I came upon these cool and well designed products, they seemed to be the perfect solution to managing the pet hydration issue.


altI love the design of this collapsible pet bowl that's available in a cool minty green or yogurt pink and easily collapses down into a carry along size, and then opens up to a regular sized bowl for feeding when you arrive at your destination. And you can open this bowl up in several different height configurations, so you can adjust it to the exact height you want, depending whether you are giving your pet food or water.




However, if you what you need is something more compact and suited for travel, walks or hiking, here's the perfect stylish and compact pet bowl that can be easily attached to your leash and then opened up whenever the need arises. How easy is that? So get out with your pet and enjoy the warmer Summer temperatures without being concerned that your pet is dehydrated.