Mom Squad Product Review: Valentina’s Easy Off Experience

My house is home to two young boys, a husband, and a puppy.  I’m the resident Mom here—and sad to say, I’m the only one in the bunch who does any real housecleaning or picking up. Needless to say, in this scenario I constantly have a long list of house chores looming over my head. And typically, the last thing on my mind is cleaning the oven.

I cook a lot and use my oven at least twice a day. It’s amazing just how quickly my poor, overworked oven gets coated with food, not to mention splashed with pot roast sauce, flecked with cookie dough, showered with bread crumbs and just generally drenched with grease, grease, and more grease! 

I’ll be honest:  my typical reaction to the oven situation is to let it go. The job always looks too big and too tiring. And daunting!

On a whim, I recently grabbed a container of Easy-Off Oven Cleaner when I was doing my food shopping.  

And the other day, after yet another big spill, I had no choice but to finally try it. I sprayed the oven and waited as the instructions indicated:

Easy Off Prodict Review - Before Picture

The results were unbelievable. It was like magic! I simply sprayed, waited, and then gently wiped the oven—to a sparkling clean state. 

What I was dreading as a horrible chore turned into a quick and easy task—one that didn’t interrupt my busy schedule. I didn’t even break a sweat, as the cleaner itself is so strong—it does all the work! Check out my sparkling clean over after using:

Easy Off! Product Review - After Picture

And what did I love the most about Easy-Off Oven Cleaner? 

The next day I baked a spinach soufflé in my freshly cleaned oven and . . . guess what? When I opened the oven door, I smelled only my soufflé, not the oven cleaner!

Honestly, as long as I have Easy-Off Oven Cleaner in the house, I welcome the next time my oven has to be cleaned!