Not Your Grandmother’s Knick Knacks: Inspired Ideas for Innovative Decor

Need to update your living space? Try these super-cool decoration tips to make your home beautiful and contemporary.

Use Recycled Pieces

Not only is this a great, green idea, it’s a wonderful way to incorporate fabulous, decorative pieces into your home. A little antibacterial cleaner, some sandpaper, and some spray paint can do wonders for transforming trash into treasure. Make a retired water pitcher into a vase for flowers, or use an old cheese-grater as a jewelry display. Before throwing something away, think outside the box and imagine a cool new knick knack.

Use Mother Nature

InspiratioNot Your Grandmother’s Knick Knacks: Ideas for Innovative Decorn is all around us—find it right outside. A great way to hone a contemporary look throughout your home is to focus on natural tones, colours, and materials. Bowls and plates lined with bamboo create a sense of serenity and style, select furniture in unadorned natural wood, or use nature in knick knacks: paint a bird’s nest and display it as a decorative piece.  Using the great outdoors as your muse will bring a lovely tranquility into your house. 

Use Art

Not Your Grandmother’s Knick Knacks: Ideas for Innovative DecorDecorating with art doesn’t have to be expensive or intimidating. Choose a simple canvas painting like this flower sketch to make a room more elegant and stylish. You can even create your own piece by purchasing a canvas and using a simple design. If you’re worried about your artistic capabilities, buy a stencil as a guide, tape it to the canvas and go to town with some spray paint.


Use the Element of Surprise

Not Your Grandmother’s Knick Knacks: Ideas for Innovative DecorIt’s great fun when a seemingly ill-fitted piece unexpectedly becomes part of your décor. Strange items make for innovative adornments and help you show off your creative side. This birdcage makes a cool candle holder that will have your guests chirping, and more quirky ideas abound: try using a surfboard to make the top of a coffee table, or turn an easel into a television stand. 


Use Multiples

A cheap but current way to decorate is by using multiples. Hang three identical small mirrors over the headboard of your bed or use the same vase throughout a room. This helps tie a room together and creates a pleasing harmonious affect. Also, buying in bulk is often easier on the wallet, which never hurts! 

Use the Style of the Season

Keep your décor updated and fresh by changing up your knick knacks and accessories with the seasons. This doesn’t have to be kitchy; updating colours and textures will make your home reflect the world outside. If this sounds like way too much work, go low-maintenance: try a wreath in the winter, a bouquet of flowers in the spring, a decorative bowl of seasonal fruit in the summer, and a bright orange throw in the fall.

Use a Splash of Colour

Not Your Grandmother’s Knick Knacks: Ideas for Innovative DecorVibrant pops of colour make your home feel dynamic and energetic. You don’t have to go crazy with the colour if you prefer more muted tones, but using colourful dishes or decorative pieces is a great way to add a little life to a room. You can also try painting the inside of a bookcase with a bold colour or add pillows and throws with fun hues.