Birthday Party Overload

I sat at the table and explained my plans for Joseph’s birthday party to a childless friend. Her eyes widened. She smiled a bit and said, “When I was a kid it was usually just me, my family, one or two friends, three or four balloons, a couple streamers, and a cake.”

Birthday parties have come a long way, baby.

I’m keeping things “low key” this year according to my own standards. According to Pinterest‘s parenting standards, I’m only one step above neglect. I typed “Minecraft Birthday Party” into my search engine and found parties with everything from life size cube construction blocks to creeper themed cakes and, in some cases, cakes covered with tiny squares of fondant colored to be pixilated. There were origami cubed pigs and dogs, goodie boxes made to look like the cubed head of Minecraft’s main guy Steve, and entire walls of houses covered in squares of paper representing the world of Minecraft.

And Lord help me, but I wanted to do it all.

Except, I don’t have the hours or the budget to pull it off.

So I picked and chose until I came up with a few things that will support a two hour birthday party theme: a pinata and a color cube scavenger hunt that should keep the kids busy most of the time they’re here.

Still, it’s a far cry from the McDonald’s Happy Meal inspired seventh birthday party my ex remembers so fondly. I wonder, sometimes, when the pendulum will swing back that way.

I’m hoping it’s before Elizabeth gets old enough to start requesting outrageous themes.

Do you go overboard on your child’s birthday?