Pamela Anderson Helps Rescue Homeless Dogs Affected By Gulf Oil Spill

Pamela Anderson isn't just a face on a billboard or the voice in a public service ad.

When Pamela shows support for an organization she REALLY steps up to be involved.  Pam is PETA's "honorary director", a title she takes seriously.  The actress spent her week in New Orleans to help PETA relocate over four dozen homeless dogs to Virigina.  These dogs were left behind by owners who either left the area or lost their jobs due to the Gulf oil spill.  Pamela covered all of the fees for their local adoption, spay-and-neuter, and flea treatment costs.  She also helped get the dogs ready for the journey to Virginia by walking them in the park.  On top of all that, she adopted two of the dogs herself (shown in the photos). 

American Airlines and Southwest Airlines also stepped up to the plate and flew in PETA volunteers free of charge to help with the relocation. 

Pamela Anderson, khaki top, wide brim beige hat,