Smart “Find my Human” Pet ID Tags

If you’ve ever felt the worry and heartbreak of losing one of your pets, you’ll definitely appreciate why these “smart” pet I.D. tags are far superior to standard engraved pet I.D. tags in how they work to get your pet returned back to you.

As hard as it might be to imagine losing one of your pets, I've read some statistics that state as many as 1 in 3 pet owners will lose a pet at one time or another. And unfortunately, I have firsthand experience regarding those alarming sounding statistics.

Many years ago I lost one of my cats right after we moved into a new neighborhood, when he scooted past my feet when I answered the front door and couldn’t find his way back home in the new and unfamiliar surroundings.  

Fortunately, my story had a happy ending, since my cat managed to stay within the boundaries of our new neighborhood and was eventually identified and returned back to us, from the information found on his identification tags, by a neighbor a few streets over from us. However, if you’re not as lucky as I was, especially if your pet happens to wander much further away than mine did, you’ll be happy to learn about Blanket ID pet tags. 


altWhat makes blanketID tags so much different than conventional pet I.D. tags is they hold all your identification details online, so your information will never become outdated, as often happens with conventional engraved pet identification tags. And their Blanket Tag Collection (shown above) offers a huge variety of decorative designs and here are just a few of them, to give you an idea how attractive these tags are.



And if your favorite breed is a "rescue", any one of these Adopt-A-Tags will melt your heart, or the heart of anyone who has ever been involved with adopting a rescue pet.


In addition to allowing you easy online access in order to always keep your information updated, they also provide a simple notification system that can immediately alert shelters, pounds, animal control, SPCA and any other local members with the details and a photo of your missing pet. And you can read more here, so see how the blanketID system works to try and help recover your pet quickly and safely.

And your subscription will also provide you with the tools and templates to print out your own personal “lost” posters and flyers, should your pet ever become lost, along with an added option to report your pet as “stolen” if you ever suspect any kind of foul play associated with your pet's disappearance.

And as an additional plus to make the pet world an even happier place, this company has also created a resource called The Blanket Fund, that raises money for animal welfare from a small nominal fee that gets collected for each blanketID tag that is sold.  So in addition to  your membership, you can then direct which worthy pet organization you would like your portion of the membership fee to be directed to support.