Getting back out there after taking on single mom status can be a little intimidating. I remember feeling like I'd never been kissed on the way to meet a guy after a nearly two-year hiatus from dating. But, it was time to get my feet wet, so I took a deep breath and jumped back in the dating pool with no floaties. It was definitely a balancing act and I met a few nice guys along the way. If you're feeling nervous about getting your groove back, you're not alone. Here, four other real-life single moms dish on their latest dates:

"When my friend suggested I go on a date with her boyfriend's cousin I jumped at the chance. Between working and taking care of my daughter, I have no time to meet anyone. I was so excited for our date until my daughter got a fever just as I was getting ready to step out and meet this guy at a bar downtown. I couldn't leave my daughter so, all dressed up and with a fresh blowout I had to cancel. I was too embarressed to call the guy so I sent a text and thought, another one bites the dust. And when he didn't even text me back, I knew there was no chance for a raincheck. I changed into my jammies and settled on the couch with my daughter and the movie Frozen (ugh again!). When the doorbell rang I figured it was the Chinese I ordered since I was no longer dining out. It was my date—with a bottle of wine, a pizza, and a box of ice pops. 'I figured the ice pops would help her fever,' he said. 'And we can at least have a glass of wine.' We've been together for six months and counting!"  —Laura, 31

"I met *Drew online. He suggested we meet in the city, even though I live in Jersey. It seemed kind of rude that he wasn't coming to me for our first date, but to be honest, my area is really residential and chain restaraunt-ish. I was actually excited to drive into the city. After all it was only a half hour. I figured we'd grab dinner, but he had other plans. His friend was a promoter for a club and we walked past a long line of people trying to get in. Once inside we sat down at a table with a bunch of other people who kind of said hi to me (weird). Then my date ordered a bottle of Grey Goose. Everyone was partying and drinking. There was no sign of dinner and I was starving. What the hell! Obviously I couldn't drink because I had to drive home. I couldn't even talk to this guy over the loud music and everyone was just sort of bobbing their heads around. I left a little after midnight. He didn't even walk me to the garage where I parked my car. Worst date. I'm too old for this BS." —Emilie, 27

"The last guy I went on a first date with was OK. He asked tons of questions about my kids and cracked jokes about how we'd all get along because he has a Wii at his place and still eats fast food—'Kids love chicken nuggets, right?' he said in an eager tone. I gave him points for seeming interested in my kids, but there was just no romantic spark. Back to the drawing board. I'm never meeting anyone." —Kara, 40

"I couldn't get a sitter but didn't want to cancel a date with my sort-of boyfriend, so I suggested we just watch a movie at my place after my daughter went to bed. I was nervous she would wake up and not go back to sleep, but that never happened. It was one of the best dates we'd ever gone on, because we were able to veg out and relax without me worrying my daughter was with a sitter. We ended up falling asleep on the couch and when my daughter woke up at 6 calling for me, my guy told me he'd put the coffee on. As I changed her diaper I got a little nervous that this guy was about to experience our standard morining routine: Milk sippy cup, Cheerios, and Dora the Explorer all before 7 a.m. But he was totally into it and even had a bowl of cheerios. It made me realize that this is my life and I can't stay at his house, sleep till 10 am and eat brunch because breakfast is served at 6 a.m. in my house." —Joanne, 36