Aphrodisiacs You Need For Hot Sex Tonight


People have been talking about aphrodisiacs for hundreds of years, but not many have honed in on the scientifically-based reasoning behind why aphrodisiacs are a critical compliment to a thriving, passionate long-term relationship. Nor have they explained why the order in which you consume your food and beverage are a core part of whether or not you receive any benefits from aphrodisiacs. If you are in a relationship, get ready to take some notes and start cooking (in more ways than one).

Basics first, an aphrodisiac is defined as an agent that intensifies sexual desire and increases behaviors that make sex attainable and pleasurable. Essentially these agents should assist you in entering the right frame of mind to feel and act sexy. In my book, there are three categories of aphrodisiacs, which we will get into in a moment. To fully understand the effects of aphrodisiacs, it is important to first have a rudimentary understanding of the basic chemicals, hormones and neurotransmitters that are in play when we are initially in love because these are the same agents you are hoping to bring into play with your aphrodisiacs.

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