The Hook-Up Truck: Great Idea or Totally Gross?

Face it, if you're a single mom, it's hard to find a safe, quiet, kid-free zone to, er, hang out with your boyfriend or hook-up buddy (no shame in a friend-with-benefits, my adult readers). It doesn't matter if you lock the door—if your child calls out for you or twists the doorknob, you're going to find yourself in a position where a.) The mood is lost and b.) You likely need to hide your guy, get dressed, and get moving in your kid's direction. Of course, this is true for married couples too, only their kiddos won't be surprised if you're sharing your bed with their daddy. So, in the early stages of a relationship, where can you go for a little privacy? 

Consider The Hook-Up Truck—a modern dating solution for safe sexual adventuring. According to the website, it's equipped with everything you need for an intimate experience: Mood lighting, controlled temp, and condoms, of course! And big collective laugh, only this ISN'T a joke gals!

In fact, the creator, Spy Emerson told HuffPost she gets tons of requests, from single moms for her bed on wheels. For $75 you can rent the party bus for a half hour and thankfully this includes a cleaning crew, too. I suppose it's an adventurous, different place to get busy and it's no wonder Emerson admits to having a kinky clientele. But, a costly half hour for a bus where other people lay their heads and everything else—no way! Ladies, there's better ways and places!

If all you need is a half hour, take your chances behind a locked door at home, the car, or heck his place! I get the novelty of this idea—it's different and freaky, but it makes me kind of sad. Why does a single mom need to shell out 75 bucks to have a little adult free time—in a bus, of all places! 

There's a bigger issue here and it's the fact that single moms have NO time for themselves. Especially if they are solo single moms and the other parent doesn't help. Well, this has to stop. Hear me roar: Pay a sitter and go have dinner with your guy. If you can't fit in a romp session at his place after you dine, just do it in the car or invite him in! Yes, inside. Where your child is. No sane person is going to do anything questionable in front of a child or at the risk they will be caught. So, you lock the door and if your kid knocks, it happens! You figure it out. You don't need an orchestrated ballet to have … sex! 

While I don't condone introducing my son to guys I'm not serious with, I also don't think it's the end of the world. If my son wakes up to pee and I'm on the couch with a friend binge-watching Lost, um, OK. In reality, my son just caught two people watching TV. I never put myself in a position where I'm going to embarrass my child or myself or the guy. In fact, I've been caught laying in bed, over the covers, fully dressed, watching TV with a guy. If I thought there was anything wrong with it, I would lock the door. There's nothing wrong with hanging out with an adult after your kid is fed, bathed, read to and kissed goodnight. Having a guy over doesn't mean this guy is part of your kid's bedtime routine or that a bond between the two has to occur. 

It's important for children of single parents to see them interacting with other adults in healthy capacitates. My son eats dinner with me and a guy friend. Is there that big a difference between everyone eating tacos around a table, to my son stealing a glimpse of two adults talking or drinking wine on the couch? Maybe there is for you, but for me? I can't change my status. I am a single mom, but it's not all I am. I don't need permission from my child or anyone to have a friend over. Or a bus for privacy!

I don't want my kid to lead some sheltered life where he believes marriage is the only means of a strong, real, normal relationship. This is life. This is real life. My picket fence apparently isn't white.

Would you hook up in the hook-up truck?