Is Motherhood Ruining Your Sex Life?

Motherhood has become, for so many of us, the ultimate marathon. Each day we seemingly put every ounce of energy into our children and running our households. The recent creation (and use) of terms like 'helicopter parents' or 'hyper-parenting' practically confirms that we are guilty of focusing on modern day motherhood emotionally, physically and spiritually in ways that mothers in the past never did. Although this type of energy outlay certainly makes sense when we have newborns, is it really necessary — or even healthy — as our children begin to grow up? If all of our energy is focused and devoted to our children, households and careers, what is left for us as adult sexual beings? Why have we put our sex lives on the back burner as if it is the least important aspect of our lives? 

There is plenty written about the benefits of an active sex life. Before we became mothers, most of us enjoyed the benefits of an active sex life, and weren't lacking for desire either. Fast forward through marriage, a mortgage and kids, and now when our head hits the pillow at night sex is the furthest thing from our minds. Are we consciously turning off those desires in order to focus on our family and thus turning off a crucial aspect of joy, intimacy, and overall health in our lives? Probably not. So what has happened? We used to enjoy sex. We still love our partner. And we know that sex is beneficial to our health and our relationship. How can we live well-rounded fulfilled lives if we remove that aspect of ourselves in the name of motherhood? 

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