6 Ways We Keep Our “Predictable” Marriage Fun

marriagefun_sized The general consensus among our newly married friends is that a comfortable domestic life is a predictable, boring one. I, on the other hand, find comfort in the routines we’ve developed as a married couple.

I like knowing that my husband and I snuggle up in bed each night to watch our favorite television shows. Every Sunday, I cook a feast for our family brunch. I can count on him to do the laundry while he knows I’ll plan our family’s dinners.

Domesticity is hard to avoid once babies come into the picture. Spontaneous weeknight movie dates, for example, are a thing of the past. Now we have to coordinate our schedules and hire a sitter. The act of planning a night out seems daunting when there’s no family close by to watch the kids. While our date nights aren’t as frequent, we appreciate our couple time much more than we used to.

Just because I enjoy our relationship’s predictability doesn’t mean I shouldn't try to spice things up. A stale marriage is an unhealthy marriage. Here are some ways we try to keep our marriage fun and exciting. (Hopefully one day soon we'll add a spicy couples-only getaway to our list.)

How do you keep your marriage new and exciting?