Traveling for Work Makes Me a Better Wife

travelingmakesbetterwife_sizedSeveral times a year, I travel for work by attending and speaking at conferences. Usually my travel is spread out, but in the past 10 days, I’ve spent 7 nights sleeping alone in a hotel bed. I was home long enough to celebrate Mother’s Day, wash the clothes from my first trip and repack them for my next. Thank goodness my mother-in-law flew in to help out with the kids.

I love my solo trips. Going through airport security is easier without my family. I finish an entire book during my flight because there are no kids to entertain. I get to sleep in a bed all by myself. I hang out with friends that I only chat with online. Best of all, traveling solo, away from my husband and kids, makes me a better wife and mother.

After 15 years of sleeping on my edge side of the bed, sleeping in the middle of the fluffy hotel bed is liberating. For the first night at least. After my first night of uninterrupted sleep, the second night feels lonelier. That’s when I start to miss spooning with my husband as I drift off to dreamland.

When I receive exciting news during my trip, the first person I want to tell is my husband. I’d rather call and hear his voice. Instead, we become texting maniacs while I’m away on business. The slice of moments that buzz directly to my phone helps us stay connected, especially when there was a three-hour time difference between us.

Another perk of traveling solo means I have no dishes to wash, no dinners to cook, and no laundry piles to tackle. All that tedious housework zaps my energy. A break from never-ending chores reminds me that I’m more than a housekeeper. Which leads to the next thing. . .

Solo trips that last more than a couple of days mean more nights in a big bed, all by myself. Which means no husband to snuggle with. Add a dash of no housework, a cupful of sleep, and what do you have? A wife who’s in need of some loving.

I know I’m not the only one who’s ready to jump my husband after returning from a business trip. What a better way to show how much I missed him?

Going away for a few days also makes me grateful for the life I’ve created with my family. Plus the coming-home- from-business-travel sex is pretty hot!

What's your favorite part about traveling for work?