Hilarious ‘Go the F**k to Sleep’ Book Has Spawned a Sequel

If you fell in love with the hilariously sweary ‘Go the F—k to Sleep’ bedtime book that brilliantly describes the hell that is putting kids to bed (especially the audio version recorded by Samuel L. Jackson) then have we got some news for you. The author, Adam Mansbach has discovered what having more than one […]

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How to Inspire Your Daughter To Be a Real Life SuperheroSponsored content

One of the reasons I think so many girls are completely enamored by the concept of superheroes—myself, included—is that they are just like us. They’re seemingly regular people who happen to have a secret identity with powers or talents they’ve honed to help others. So, really, anyone could be a superhero AND THAT IS SO […]


Am I the Only Mom Spending Money On Herself?

You’ve seen the Facebook memes spread far and wide — maybe you’ve even shared one yourself. The ones about the moms who look a hot mess at all times and are physically incapable of treating themselves to anything because the dear children are both demanding and deserving. The ones about mothers who do take time […]