5 Ways to Get Your Spouse to Help Out More

EXASPERATED COUPLEGetting your spouse to help out around the house more often than not, involves nagging, pleading, and in the most desperate of situations, bribery.

Some men refuse to help out because they think that housework is a womens responsibility and others have such a high tolerance for dirt, they have no clue that the house requires a good scrub. The truth is todays families are busier than ever, and in order to keep up with the kids, careers and home, both mom and dad need to pitch in around the house.

If you could use a more active partner in household cleanup, try one of these 5 ways to get your spouse to help out more.

 1. Divide and Conquer.

Remind your husband that you are not slaves to your home, you are the managers of it and managers are responsible for keeping things in good order. Most men simply are not aware of what goes into keeping a home clean and organized. Make a list of daily chores and ask him what tasks he is willing to commit to, then divide and conquer.


2. Establish a routine.

In my home, we set aside one night per week as deep cleaning night. I dust, polish and do the mirrors, and my husband does the floors.  Afterwards, we order take-out and enjoy the evening watching TV together. It’s become like a midweek date night and we’ve developed a real sense of pride in keeping a clean home together.


3. Make it easy to pick up as you go.

Picking up as you go can save your boatloads of time when it comes to cleaning. For this to be effective for men, pick up has to be easy. Have a large mouthed hamper in the bedroom so he doesn’t miss when he tosses his socks in and unload the dishwasher first thing in the morning so there’s somewhere other than the sink to put dirty cups.


4. Compromise.

You want him to clean, but what does he want you to do? Watch the game? Stop nagging him? Give and take spells incentive and can go a long way in getting him to do more around the house.


4. Reward, reward, reward.

Men aren’t inclined to scrub the toilets because they appreciate a sparkling bowl; however, they are inclined to make you happy. When you’re happy, they’re happy. Show your spouse appreciation when he does step up to scrub. 

 While most men don’t enjoy cleaning, they’ll do it if it’s worth their while. Lighten up as you brighten up and show him that cleaning together can result in fun!