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Denise Richards opens up about staying connected to her daughters.

The single mother of two girls, Sam, _, and Lola, 5, says that keeping a routine helps her stay connected to them.  "We have dinner every night at the same time — a homemade meal — and we just talk."  She gushes about the cute things her kids say: "My girls are always saying funny things; they pick up a lot when I think they aren’t listening. The other day Lola said I looked ‘spectacular,’ which I thought was funny for a [5]-year-old.” They also tend to speak their minds, as kids often do: "While at a red-carpet event, my daughter she told me — quite loudly — that she’d passed gas." You’ve got to love their honesty.

Denise’s proudest mommy moment? "when they are nice to each other and can share and say sorry without me asking them to!"


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