Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Her Kids’ Personalities

Angelina Jolie dished on her kids’ personalities and her cooking skills in the latest issue of Vogue.

The celebrity mom of six shared with the magazine that her kitchen skills are coming along – a bit.  She shared that she’s getting a bit better at cooking bacon.  Angelina then admits that her son Pax, 6, is better in the kitchen than she is.  "I’m not the best cook. Pax is a better cook than me. Pax likes to cook. But I try to when I can. Any house that we’re in, we all chip in. But the kids are very sweet … so enthusiastic anytime I cook. Especially Maddox, he’s just this little man that’s very supportive of me – it’s like he’s raised me a bit. So I cooked them all breakfast before school this morning, and he has that kind of ‘Thanks, Mom! Good job!’ "

The kids have a family dog named Jacques and she tells the interviewer "someone found a lizard yesterday", and little Shiloh wanted to add another "interesting" animal to their family: "Shiloh found a dead bird, so she came in and said, ‘Can I have a dead pet?’ And I’m . . . ‘Uh-uh, I don’t think it’s healthy, honey. I think they have to put him in a box,’ and I had to run out to find, like, a taxidermy bird. I just worked it out for her."

You certainly have to keep your sense of humor as a parent because kids come up with the craziest ideas – always keeping us on our toes!