altWhen I come to my wit’s end, it’s usually before bedtime when I’m running on empty and my girls

turn into Tasmanian devils, spinning a trail of toy devastation in their wake.

 Sometimes it happens in the late morning after tinny voices whine through every activity. When I decide that my sanity needs saving, I pull these tricks out of my hat:

1. We play a game of hide and seek and Mommy is “it.” I count to 1,000 while they shuffle into

spots and giggle with anticipation. I pretend to look for them, but surreptitiously munch a snack,

flip through mail or file my nails. Eventually, they find me.

2. I hand them a Bible-sized stack of sticker sheets and some paper. Then I turn a blind eye as

they proceed to decorate Pottery Barn furniture with rows of Dora stickers.

3. I declare that I’m a sick mommy and need to see the doctor. We get out the plastic

stethoscope, old Motrin syringes, and of course, lots of pillows and blankets so the patient can

comfortably lie down. Shoot me up doc, I’m ready.

4. I pull out a basket of headbands, barrettes, scrunches, brushes and combs, and they style my

hair. Yes, the sensation is similar to being scalped. But then again, I was ready to pull my own

hair out anyway.

What are your sanity-saving activities?