Nine Good Reasons to Keep Your Children


One of the saving graces of children is that they are constantly amusing. On any given day, no matter the number of loads of laundry, the number of time-outs, the number of times a little brother has been stepped on, or the number of times I’ve wished myself, um, elsewhere, one of my boys always brings me right back home by saying something brilliant.

These are some of my very favorites examples:

1. My four-year old [then only two] exclaiming to the hostess at the Wailea Golf Club restaurant: “Oh crap, I forgot my blankie.”

2. My two-year old, to every parent of a new baby he sees: “Your baby is so cute I wish I could marry him!”

3. My four-year old, who has dual American and Canadian citizenship, telling his grandma that he is “Camerican.”

4. My two-year old looking up accusingly at an elderly woman in the frozen-foods aisle of Safeway and declaring loudly: “I don’t know how my butt got wet!”

5. My four-year old, when asked by a friend why he was having a “cranky” day: “Well, you see, I’m a ninja, and I’m used to a more active sort of life.”

6. My two-year old’s latest favorite game, hiking up his pants and yelling “Stop me trousers, they’re getting away!!”

7. My four-year old deciding that the most important things in life are: “food, water, babies, and things to celebrate with at parties.”

8. This conversation:

Two-year old: “You okay, Jack?”

Four-year old: “Yes.”

Two-year old: “You okay, Jack?”

Four-year old: “Yes.”

Two-year old: “You okay, Jack?”

Four-year old: “Yes! Stop asking me!”

Two-year old: “You okay, Jack?”

Four-year old: “No, because you won’t stop asking me if I’m okay!!”

Mommy: “Alex, please stop asking Jack if he’s okay.”

Two-year old: “Okay.” Pause. “You okay, Mommy?”

9. My four-year old announcing that he plans to marry his father, and maybe his brother too, but his brother will have to live in Canada. Not sure where I fit into this scenario. Possibly on a beach in the Caribbean. I’ll send them nice wedding gift. 

What’s making your day worthwhile?