altThe dosing and concentration is changing for over the counter infants’ Tylenol acetaminophen products.

While you may still see both “old” and “new” concentrations on the store shelves, infant concentrated drops as we’ve known them, are being replaced with an oral suspension. The “old” concentration of infant’s acetaminophen concentrated drops is 3x more concentrated than the “new” infants’ acetaminophen oral suspension. The “old” concentration for infant’s acetaminophen concentrated drops is 80mg/0.8ml. The “new” concentration, which is now the same as children’s acetaminophen products, is 160mg/5ml. Along with the new concentration for infants’ acetaminophen drops there are new dosing instructions. How has the dosing changed? For example, the dosage for an infant aged 0-3 months and 6-11 pounds is 0.4ml for the “old” infant’s acetaminophen concentrated drops. The “new” dosage for the infants’ acetaminophen oral suspension is 1.25ml. For this reason, it’s vital to confirm the concentration and dosage of your acetaminophen product prior to administering it to your infant. The package label for infants’ acetaminophen continues to advise parents and caregivers to consult a healthcare professional for dosing information for children under the age of two. Only the dispensing device provided with the acetaminophen product should be used to administer the medication. For more information, visit Tylenol’s website  or Ashburn Pediatrics for a more simplified dosing chart. . Were you aware of the change to concentration and dosing? How do you ensure you give your children the proper dosage? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below here.

This article is meant to serve only as an alert of some recent changes in Tylenol dosing guidelines and is not meant to serve as a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult your own physician or pharmacist to obtain the most recent instructions or guidelines for administering medications to your infant or child.