Yesterday was the 100th birthday of Oreos.

In celebration, the kids ate Oreos for dessert which sparked a conversation about how people eat Oreos.

Learning from their mother, my children eat theirs one bite at a time. I told them about people who twist their cookies and they looked at me in confusion.

I told them about people who dunk their cookies and they agreed that sounded gross.

I told them about people who crumble them up and put them in ice cream.

They asked me for ice cream so they could try it themselves.

All in all, we decided our way of eating Oreos was superior to all other methods.

But what struck me the most about this conversation was actually the fact that we had it. A year ago, family dinners were rushed, hurried affairs. My ex isn’t one to linger over a meal and would usually jump up to do dishes while chewing his last bite. The kids and I seemed to be in a race to keep up with Daddy and rarely had time for conversation.

While I miss having someone to do the dishes, I am enjoying some of the perks of single motherhood. Most especially the ability to have long conversations over fishsticks and Oreos.

(We had to have fish sticks. How else could we spell out “100” in food?)

Every time I find myself missing what I thought I had, I try to remind myself what I still do have.

Any other single moms out there feel this way?