What I Want for Mother’s Day

altWalking through Target, the signs are everywhere:

Show Mom You Love Her By Buying Her Something Really Expensive

While I will never turn down a really expensive gift, I can’t help but smile over the whole Mother’s Day gift giving thing. Most moms don’t really need a piece of jewelry or a brand new car or a spa day to feel loved and appreciated.

Wait. Who am I kidding?

After a year of cleaning up poopy diapers, cooking meals that get tossed, chasing after runny noses, sleepless nights, and “why?”, mothers need all that and then some. But, because we’re practical – and often in charge of the family budget – we say we don’t need all that.

So when Joseph asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day, I replied, quite honestly, “My chicken coop built.”

Because, honestly, I don’t want to build that thing myself and no matter how hard I stare at the pile of lumber and wire, it doesn’t seem likely it will build itself.

“But that’s not exciting!”

“Oh baby. It’s more exciting than I can say.”

He stared at the boxes of jewelry. “Is there something else you want?” He turned his head back to the necklaces.

“My car cleaned out.”

And it’s true. My car is showing the wear and tear of a working tee ball single mother of two. From Cracker Jacks to dolls to baseball caps to running clothes to sippy cups, it’s being to look a lot like a stereotype.

And I hate being stereotypical.

Joseph sighed and finally agreed to give me what I wanted for Mother’s Day.

I’m pretty excited for my clean car and chicken coop.

What do you want for Mother’s Day?