I belong to a Supper Club. Oh no. Not the cool “underground restaurant with a chef and jazz” Supper Club. Ours is the wild and crazy ten adults and eleven kids running around like crazy people while scooping plates full of amazing food variety.

We started it in January and have somehow been able to keep it going every month. We rotate houses and take turns planning the menu. We avoid the term “pot luck” since each menu item is listed, recipes included. Still, it has a very pot luck type flavor. Everyone arrives, dish in hand, and set it on the tables.

We keep things casual – paper plates, plastic forks, and red Solo cups are the norm. We keep the wine and beer flowing – in moderation. And we make sure we pack pajamas for the littlest ones and a movie for the older ones.

This last weekend, our Supper Club was held at the home of one member’s mother. She lives on the beach, which meant our normal yard activities were replaced by beach time for the kids. They ran, they played, they ate Cajun food. We talked, we laughed, we ate even more Cajun food.

I like belonging to this little club. At first, I thought having it one night a month would be too much of a commitment. I worried we’d run out of steam. Instead, it’s a once a month respite for normal. It’s a once a month chance to enjoy time with adults while my children are occupied with their friends.

How do you incorporate a little grown-up time into your busy schedules?