Opening Ceremonies


When the Summer Olympics were last held, Joseph was two. He really could have cared less.

This year, however, he’s six. And he cares. A little.

While I would have loved to have watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies live, NBC decided to delay their coverage. Which means I had to DVR because there was no way I was going to let the kids stay up until midnight. Instead, we spent Saturday morning with Eggo waffles and the torch run.

While I have my own thoughts on how the ceremony went, I have to say, I had to laugh at Joseph’s running commentary. Because you know he talked through the whole thing.

He didn’t understand the agrarian landscape turning into industry central. (Even my eyes widened in bemusement when Matt Lauer mentioned they were somehow piping the smell of sulfur and factories into the stadium. Because that’s not a very pleasant smell.) He was ho-hum about the whole Frankie and June thing. He couldn’t understand the commentary that it was every parents’ worst nightmare.

What he did love was the kids jumping on their beds and Voldemort being defeated by Mary Poppins. He asked me to rewind it three times and then promise not to delete it until he could record it on his iPod.

Both kids got bored and left the room during the parade of nations. I watched, but realized I only know about 1/10 of the countries mentions. They wandered back for the lighting of the torch and, of course, the fireworks.

The cauldron forming elicited a “WOW!” from Joseph while the fireworks resulted in both of them bouncing around. It was interesting, watching with the kids.

Interesting and fun.

Did you watch the Opening Ceremonies with your kids?