Unexpected Free Time

The kids and I were supposed to go out of town this last weekend, but illness—not on our part, but on the part of our hosts—meant we had a last minute three day weekend at home. To ourselves.

So we did what anyone in that particular situation would do.


Don’t get me wrong. We did stuff. We went grocery shopping. We roofed the chicken coop. We cleaned it out while we were at it. We went to the movies and watched Wreck it Ralph and we went out to lunch. We even went to a friend’s house to visit.

But overall, we didn’t do anything.

There were no birthday parties, no supper clubs, no school events, no visiting family. We didn’t need to be anywhere at any particular time, except the movie, of course, but even with that, we had a wide variety of times to choose from.

We napped. Quite a bit. On Sunday, we spent three lovely hours snuggled under the covers on my bed, snoring the afternoon away. Which, of course, made bedtime not so much fun.

We drew and played with Legos and watched movies. I even found time to write. We made pecan spice pancakes, baked bread, and roasted pumpkins for a macaroni and cheese dish guaranteed to send us into gastronomic delight.

While it may seem like our weekend was full (and we certainly had our share of family fun), after months of planned out, scheduled weekends, it was nice to have one without an agenda.

As a parent, Do you schedule out your weekends? Or do you wing it?