All I Want For Christmas

I walked into Target the other day and realized, it’s almost Christmas.

Ornaments are out, songs are starting to play, gift guides have arrived in the mail. I told myself not to worry. Thanksgiving was still a bit a ways.

Until I realized it was next week.

At which time, I stopped fighting time and decided to get down to business.

I felt the kids out as to what they might like to ask for from Santa. On Joseph’s list is half the Lego Store, specifically some sort of Castle for Monster Fighters.

“It’s pretty expensive, Mama,” he confessed.


“Too expensive for you and Daddy so I decided I’d ask Santa for it instead!”

“Oh.” I’ve hemmed and hawed and tried to figure out a way to get out of buying a Lego set that costs over $150 and contains enough pieces to guarantee me stepping on mini bricks for years to come. It also looks like it will require an engineering degree to construct and I know from Endor and White Bay Cove, it won’t last more than a couple weeks after construction.

I tried the whole, “It’s not really age appropriate and Santa’s real big on being age appropriate.”

To which he replied, “Why isn’t it age appropriate?”

Thinking fast, I told him, “It has a ton of pieces and is pretty complicated.”

“Doesn’t Santa believe in me? Doesn’t he think I can do it if I work hard enough.”


So I’m still trying to figure this one out. Any suggestions?