Parenting Blog - Christmas GiftsWhen the kids decided to make their Christmas lists, Joseph was very cognizant of the expense of some of the items on his wish list. Too much so.

“I really want a Lego Haunted Mansion,” he informed me very seriously, “but I know they cost almost as much as the Death Star so I’m not putting that on my list.”

“That’s very practical of you,” I commended.

“I know. So I’m going to ask for it from Santa instead.”

The Lego Haunted Mansion retails at $179 and is the one thing he wants. Besides the Lego Ghost Train, the Lego Vampyre Castle, and the Lego Vampyre Hearse. The grand total of which would pay my car payment, the insurance, and take us to the movies. With popcorn.

I told him, very calmly, “You should ask for it, but I have to warn you, Santa never gives toys unless they’re age appropriate and the Haunted Mansion is for ages nine and up.”

“That makes sense,” my little boy said, nodding his head. “I’ll make a different list.

All was well in our world until his best Lego friend told him his grandparents sent him the Lego Haunted Mansion for Christmas.

As an aside, what child opens a Christmas present a month early?

Now, all we’ve been hearing is if Jay got a Haunted Mansion, then Santa will surely bring him one too. Which brings me to my first Christmas dilemma. Does Santa bring him the toy he wants more than anything, thereby preserving the magic of Santa? Or does he send a smaller item? Or do we convert and stop the madness all together?

What would you do?