Parenting Blog - Xmas CardsI’ve come to the conclusion I’m not going to get Christmas cards out this year. For the second Christmas in a row. I’m sure I’m moving to the naughty list.

In my defense, the Christmas card thing opens up a can of worms in this post separation world.

First, after a marriage ends, what responsibility does the mom have to make sure the ex’s family receives cards? I know my ex. He won’t send them and while I adore a lot of his family, I don’t know the protocol of sending them myself. Do I send a picture of the kids and sign it Joseph and Elizabeth? And if so, then do I need to order a second set to send to my bloggy friends?

Second, the family pictures I so adored previous Christmases are a bit more complicated now. My ideal card would have a picture of me with the kids, a picture of my ex with the kids, and a picture of the kids alone. He would split the cost of the cards and then we’d send them out, more than likely causing massive confusion in his family.

Third, it is most likely apparent I tend to over think things. This means I didn’t schedule a photo session because I was pretending to be introspective while drinking a glass of wine.

Last year, I couldn’t figure out the protocol which is why no one received a card.

This year, I still can’t figure out the protocol which is why I came to my aforementioned conclusion: it’s the naughty list for me!

For those who are participating in an amicable divorce where holidays are still spent together, how have you eased into the post separation/divorce card situation?