The Day After Christmas

Parenting Blog - Day after XmasThe day after Chirstmas should really be declared a federal holiday. We need that extra day for our full stomach’s to settle,

our children to become a little less wired, and our fingers to heal from opening the fifty thousand ties necessary to secure a doll to a box.

I’ve yet to discover why so many twist ties are required to hold a twelve inch doll and her three accessories in place behind a shield of plastic and a box constructed of the same sort of material used on the safes in Fort Knox. They’re too tight for scissors to penetrate, the shields are too close to the delicate surface of the dear doll’s face to use an exacto knife, and your child is staring over your shoulder with the angst of a teenage girl denied a later curfew. It’s the sort of pressure that could result in therapy.

At least, that’s what I thought before I started with the Legos.

Like a lot of boys his age, Joseph is all about the Legos. At the moment, he’s collecting the Monster Fighter series which includes such fun sets as the Ghost Train and Vampyre Castle – both of which he received for Christmas. With a combined total of nearly 2,000 pieces and four instructional booklets totaling over two hundred pages, there is a reason these sets have “8-14” emblazoned across the boxes in bright white letters.

As as aside, I find it humorous Lego caps the age to 14.

Typing this, my fingers can barely feel the keyboard. The tips have been rubbed raw by tiny Lego pieces being pushed, pulled, taken apart, put back together until I completed a three story castle and a four car train. But the smile on Joseph’s face made all that and more worth it.

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas.