In Search of a Sunny Day

Parenting Blog - Bored KidsWe’ve had wet and windy weather here in typically sunny California. While I know we’re lucky compared to what’s been happening weather wise for the rest of the country,

it’s been difficult for a mama who’s used to working all day to be at home with the kids and a complete lack of rainy day activities. Not to mention the fact that our house is too tiny to send them around the living room in roller skates or mark out a hopscotch game in duct tape.

Thank God for Pinterest.

While it’s only been a couple days since Christmas filled our home with activities and cousinly playmates, the kids are already begging to go ice skating again, to have a play date, to do something to alleviate their apparent boredom. I find myself parroting the words spoken by my mother all those rainy Washington days: “You’re too young to be bored. Find something to do!”

We’ve been scrambling online to find things that don’t involve a screen, shooting Nerf darts at one’s siblings, or Mommy hiding in the closet with her cell phone and playing Words With Friends. So far, we’ve sewn, baked, and are starting a rather ambitious art project which will end in glory or dismal failure without much chance of an in between.

I have no doubt we’ll stay busy – although I’m also hoping for a little time to enjoy a glass of wine and a good book over the next week while I’m off work. I love being home with the kids and am enjoying every single moment of my time off with them.

I just wish the rain would go away, the sun would peep out, and I could bundle my children up as if they were going out in negative degree weather instead of our comparatively balmy mid fifties, and tell them in the age old words of mothers the world over: Go outside and play.

What do you do when the weather keeps you indoors?